Empowering people with technological skills




With reference to our expression on our welcome page, we are poised to eradicating social vices or the practice/use of social vices as a source of living. We understand that when a youth acquires a skill, he or she becomes lucratively buzy. This clears the chances of an idle mind.

Our academics takes care of your need as a youth if you wishes to invest in your brain. Remember it is better to invest on skills and experience; and from time to time, always ask yourself this question:

What Can I do for myself and for my society? The resources to answer this question is embedded in this portal. Here you can study computer skills ranging from the very basics to very advanced programming languages but we are starting with the web faculty. Plans for more courses are in top gear as we shall keep you abreast with subsequent developments. Our courses/departments or packages presently, from the web faculty includes:

We shall be updating our courses with lessons subsequently. We shall keep you abreast with subsequent update on our online school portal. Below are certain features in the ICT programmes/courses we offer that you must note before applying for our programmes.

  • Registration and enrollment shall be complete ONLY after payment of course fee.
  • After Payment of fees charged for course of choice, you shall be mailed your course password/pin for login anytime you are going in for your lectures. On your Dashboard you get to links you would click on to view present lesson ( that is: where you stopped the last time you logged in).

Your payments should be made online or at the bank. You pay online by clicking on the link below or above the specific programme curriculum which you are registering for in our online college; thereafter, follow the directives thereon according to your choices on our payment systems which are fast, safe and secure. This payment system is for convenience of everyone interested and those who are not disposed to or far from the nearest bank branch specified below. It is surely faster.


For Bank Transfers, you can pay to the bank using the following bank details:

Account Name: Egede Osedumem Andrew

Account Number: 0008551113

Bank: Access Bank Plc


  • Students must be able to score a cummulative score of at least 70% after compilation of results from assignment and tests as our continuous accessment helps us determine if a students has duely completed his or her course of registration.
  • Students have the opportunity to update his or her course profile which includes asking his or her instructor questions on pressing and disturbing issues bothering course.

We have on course timing or duration for now which ranges from 2 months to 1 year with constant instructor-student interaction online during online school hours of the day which is from 9:00am to 3pm, from Monday to Friday. Our strategies to achieving this is student-friendly.

  • Students can give feedback on any instructor to the college/school if not satisfied with coaching as our motto bothers around passion to satisfy whoever is interested in our programmes/courses.

Programme/ Course time schedule (daily, weekly and monthly until completion of program) shall be part of materials to be mailed to applicant after enrolment or registration.

  • Apart from instructors monitoring the students progress, the management has a system via which the students course progress is monitored. This means that at the end of 6 months and consequent end of payed program, your results from your continuous accessment and exam are compiled and results sent to your grades page and certificate of proficiency, delivered to the student's home address (as a hard copy) which was used for registration by those within Nigeria. A Soft Copy shall be mailed to student's email address especially those outside Nigeria. The email address must be functional. Extra charges may apply for those living outside the country Nigeria, who wishes the hard copy be mailed.

For our Daily classes, we shall be making use of our virtual class rooms online. These you can access by clicking on any of our programmes link above >>>>>>>>> Attend Class. These classrooms are designed for each department under our web faculty. They are actually inspirations geared towards better e-teaching and e-learning.

In addition to all these, students have their after class chatrooms where they can communicate with themselves online and share ideas. These would also aid better e-learning as this shall aid more clarification of concepts as students have the priviledge of socializing and sharing ideas.

Goodluck and we wish you success as you apply