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Web Development Curriculum

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Our Web development only course assures you mastery of web programming languages: PHP, JAVASCRIPT and use of web editing tools like Notepad.

You are to apply for this course if interested at a subsidized rate of N150,000 as against normal fee of N200,000

This should be after proper/careful view of our topics/skills you shall master via the span of your programme in our college

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PHP Section One - An Introduction to PHP




1. What is PHP and Why do I need it?

2. What you need to get started

3. Installing and testing Easy PHP

4. Troubleshooting





PHP Two - Getting Started With Variables




1. What is a Variable?

2. Putting text into variables

3. Variables - some practice

4. More variable practice

5. Joining direct text and variable data

6. Adding up in PHP

7. Subtraction

8. Multiplication

9. Division

10. Floating point numbers





PHP Three - Conditional Logic




1. If Statements

2. Using If Statements

Some Practice with PHP if statements

3. if ... else

4. if ... else if

5. Comparison Operators

6. NOT Equal To

7. Less Than and Greater Than

8. What these mean: <=, >=

9. The Switch Statement

10. Logical Operators

11. Boolean Values

12. Operator Precedence - a List





PHP Four - Working with HTML Forms




1. The HTML Form

2. The Method Attribute

3. The Post Attribute

4. The Action Attribute

5. The Submit button

6. Getting values from a Text Box

7. Checking if the Submit button was clicked

8. More on the ACTION attribute

9. Keep data the user entered

10. PHP and Radio Buttons

11. PHP and Checkboxes






PHP Five - Programming Loops




1. For Loops

2. A Times Table Programme

3. The Code for the PHP Times Table

4. While Loops

5. Do ... While loops

6. The break statement





PHP Six - Arrays in PHP




1. What is an Array?

2. Setting up an Array in PHP

3. Getting at the values stored in Arrays

4. Arrays - Using Text as Keys

5. Arrays and For Each

6. Sorting Array values

7. Random Keys from an Array

8. The count function

9. Some Array Scripts





PHP Seven - String Manipulation




1. Changing Case

2. Trimming White Space

3. Shuffle characters

4. Finding String Positions with strpos

5. Splitting a line of text

6. Joining text into a single line

7. PHP and Escaping

8. String function list





PHP Eight - Create your own Functions




1. An Introduction to Functions

2. Variable scope and functions

3. Functions and Arguments

4. A Function to check for blank text boxes

5. Getting values out of functions

6. By Ref, By Val

7. PHP Server Variables

8. HTTP Header() Function

9. The INCLUDE( ) Function





PHP Nine - Security Issues




1. Security Issues And Form Elements

2. htmlspecialchars( )

3. strip_tags( )





PHP Ten - Working With Files In PHP




1. An Introduction to Working With Files In PHP

2. Opening a file with readfile( )

3. Opening a file with fopen( )

4. Options for fopen( )

5. Writing to files

6. Working with CSV files

7. Reading a text file into an array

8. File Locations





PHP Eleven - Date and Time Functions in PHP




1. The date( ) function

2. Using the date( ) function

3. The getdate( ) Function




PHP Twelve - PHP and MySQL




1. What you need for these Tutorials

2. Creating a database using phpMyAdmin

3. Setting up Fields in database tables

4. Adding records to a MySQL Table





PHP Thirteen - Manipulate a MySQL Database




1. Access a MySQL database with PHP code

2. Reading records from a MySQL database

3. Adding records to a MySQL database

4. Magic Quotes

5. SQL injection

6. Create a Table using SQL

7. Updating a record in a table

8. Deleting a record in a table

9. Using WHERE to limit the data returned





Walkthrough One - PHP User Authentication



1. PHP User Authentication - Introduction

2. The login page

3. Checking if the user is logged on

4. Log Out

5. Register a new user

6. Other considerations





Walkthrough Two - Build your own PHP Survey/Poll Application



1. Build your own Survey Application - Intro

2.The Database for the Survey

3. Setting a question – the code

4. The Code for the Survey

5. Add the Vote to the Database

6. Viewing the Results of the Survey





Walkthrough Three - How to Build an Online Forum: the database



1. Introduction to the Forum

2. Setting up a Database for a bigger project

3. The Forum Sections Table

4. The Members Table

5. The Post Tables

6. The Reply Tables





Walkthrough Four - The Code for the Forum



1. Code Strategies and Objectives

2. The forumTest.php page

3. The pageThread.php page

4. 2D Arrays and PHP

5. How many replies are there for each post

6. Find out which member posted

7. Print the table out


8. The pageReply.php Code

9. The Reply Form

10. The results.php page

11. Posting a Topic on the Forum

12. The resultsP.php page

13. Final Project









Section 1:



  • Wordpress Introduction



Preparing Yourself for work





Section 2:



  • 5 Minutes Install of Wordpress







Section 3:



  • Using the customize.php



  • Adding themes and Editing themes



Section 4:



  • Deleting themes



  • Adding and Deleting Pages



Section 5:



  • Adding and Deleting Posts



  • Adding and Deleting Plugins



Section 5:



  • Editing plugins



  • Adding Images to posts and Pages



Section 6:



  • Hyperlinks in wordpress




  • Use of Permalinks




Section One: Getting Started




1. Software needed


2. Our Javascript Templates


3. A little word about debugging




Section Two: The Browser




1. A First Script


2. Javascript Tag Placement

3. The Browser Object Model

4. Browser Window Methods


5. The Document Object Model




Section Three: Javascript Programming Basics




1. Javascript Variables

2. Math Operators

3. Operator Precedence

4. IF Statements

5. IF ... Else

6. Comparison Operators

7. Logical Operators

8. Switch Statements

9. Javascript For Loops

10. Javascript While Loops






Section Four: Arrays and Functions




1. Javascript Arrays


2. Javascript Functions

3. Function Arguments


4. Variable Scope






Section Five: Javascript String Manipulation




1. Changing Case


2. Javascript indexOf


3. charAt

4. substr


5. split and join in Javascript




Section Six: Dates and Times



1. Javascript Dates and Times

2. Customised Dates






Section Seven: Javascript and HTML Forms



1. Javascript and Forms


2. getElementById


3. Email Function


4. Radio Buttons

5. Dropdown Lists


6. Checkboxes


7. Validating Forms








Sectiom Eight: Javascript and HTML Elements



1. Manipulate HTML Elements


2. Create HTML Elements






Section Nine: Javascript and Images



1. Image Manipulation


2. A Javascript Image Scroller

3. Javascript Rollovers


4. Javascript Timers


Section Ten: Javascript and Images


1. Javascript and Geolocation

2. Geolocation and Google Maps


Section Eleven: Javascript and the HTML5 Canvas


1. Getting Started with the HTML5 Canvas


2. Drawing Shapes on the Canvas


3. Circles and Arcs


4. Paths and Lines


5. Line Ends and Line Joins                      


6. HTML5 Canvas Gradients


7. Patterns as Fill Styles


8. Draw, Scale, and Slice Images

9. Timers and the Canvas


10. The HTML5 Canvas and Keyboard Events


11. Mouse Events with the HTML5 Canvas


12. Touch Events


13. Adding Text to a HTML5 Canvas


14. Aligning Text


15. The HTML5 Canvas and Drop Shadows




Section Twelve: Javascript Libraries




1. Javascript Libraries