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You must have been acquainted with PhpmyAdmin. We shall be making use of such knowledge here as we dwell on wordpress.

Wordpress is a Content Management System that is most widely used in the internet industry to build websites. Content Management Systems are platforms on which web contents are managed. Others include wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and so on.

In your own interest, we shall give you an overview and take you through some fundamentals and rudiments of making use of wordpress to create websites as we assure you this will to a large extent give you a large idea about other content management systems. Below are certain topics in our wordpress curriculum. Don’t worry; it won’t take time for you to have a full grasp of our lectures on wordpress.

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This should be after proper/careful view of our topics/skills you shall master via the span of your programme in our college

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Section 1:



  • Wordpress Introduction



Preparing Yourself for work





Section 2:



  • 5 Minutes Install of Wordpress





Section 3:



  • Using the customize.php



  • Adding themes and Editing themes



Section 4:



  • Deleting themes



  • Adding and Deleting Pages



Section 5:



  • Adding and Deleting Posts



  • Adding and Deleting Plugins



Section 5:



  • Editing plugins



  • Adding Images to posts and Pages



Section 6:



  • Hyperlinks in wordpress




  • Use of Permalinks